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A New Approach to World Peace... so simple, it just might work! A New Approach to World Peace... so simple, it just might work!
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To Pak with love: letter filled with peace messages

Students from three schools hold peace rally, send across longest ever letter written to friends across the border.

Indian Express - 26 February 2006

It's a concerted effort aimed at strengthening ties and blurring boundaries between India and Pakistan. School children from all across the country have pitched in their creative best to extend a friendly handshake with their ‘friends beyond boundaries.' Being encouraged by the international NGO with the same name, in collaboration with city-based Manav Sadhna, school children from across the country have penned down the ‘longest letter' addressed to their counterparts in Pakistan. The 80 X 120 yard letter is being passed on from one State to the other so that every student gets a chance to participate in the cause.

Students from city-based H B Kapadia school too, painted the 360 ft long and 12 ft wide borders of the letter before handing it over to the NGO Friends Beyond Boundaries. The letter, that reached Ahmedabad from Mumbai, will now travel to Amritsar. It'll be signed by the President and the Prime Minister, and gifted to president Pervez Musharraf at Gaddafi Stadium in Pakistan next month, says the NGO.

Since about a week, students and teachers of H B Kapadia, have been working enthusiastically, day and night, to add colours to the letter — they've merged the emblems and even the national anthems to give out the message of brotherhood and harmony.

On Saturday, a rally from Regional Transport Office to Gandhi Ashram was also organised by the NGO. More than 5,000 children from H B Kapadia, Madrasa at Dariapur and St Xavier's school participated in the rally. ‘‘It feels honoured to be a part of a cause which has children from different schools coming together,'' says Shibani Anand, student of H B Kapadia.

It was city-based NGO Manav Sadhna that sent across a message to schools, inviting children to participate in the rally that received an overwhelming response.

‘‘Such initiatives broaden the horizon of children, instill good values and groom them to be responsible human beings,'' says Renu Sheth, Principal of H B Kapadia school, Memnagar branch.

  hearts It may be long before the law of love will be recognised in international affairs. The machineries of government stand between and hide the hearts of one people from those of another. -- M.K. Gandhi