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A New Approach to World Peace... so simple, it just might work! A New Approach to World Peace... so simple, it just might work!
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Having your school partipate in this project is one of the greatest decisions you could ever make as a teacher or administrator. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for students. Not only is it an empowering assignment that gives students a chance to make a real difference in the world, but it also introduces them to new friends and to another part of the world.

Signing up is easy.  Just fill out the following form and we will contact you with further instructions:


Please enter your name, email, and phone - as the primary point of contact for Friends Without Borders at your school. Once we find matches for your students, we will send the instructions and addresses to this email address.
Your name:
Your email:
Confirm email:
Phone number:
Mobile number:
Please enter your school information. This will be the address used to mail the letters.
Name of school:
School phone number:
School fax number:
School website:
School Address:
(Please be very accurate)
Pin Code:
Principal's name:
Principal's phone:

Describe Your Relationship to the Project:
I am assisting in the process

I am authorized to represent my school and have read and agree to the terms of participation.




Please read the following declaration carefully and sign:
As the Principal of the above mentioned school, and as the authorized representative of the school to enter into this agreement with Friends Without Borders, I am committing the school to participate in the Friends Without Borders letter exchange program between India and Pakistan. The school will abide by all the interface requirements stipulated by the program as spelled out in the school information packet. The school takes the responsibility for filtering all received letters for appropriateness of content before delivering them to the kids, filtering all the letters written by the students for appropriateness before packaging them, ensuring that all letters have only the school's postal address as their return address, and that no child has used their home address on the letter. The school agrees to waive all claims of liability against the officers, founders, volunteers, and partners of Friends Without Borders.

I agree to terms. Sign here________________

  hearts It may be long before the law of love will be recognised in international affairs. The machineries of government stand between and hide the hearts of one people from those of another. -- M.K. Gandhi